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Logitech G110 hands-on test - New gaming keyboard with macros and variable back lighting

With the G110 Logitech now offers a successor to the popular G11 gaming keyboard. The new device offers programmable keys, a customizable backlighting and a USB sound solution with headset connectors.
Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard hands-on test (9)
Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard hands-on test (9) [Source: view picture gallery]
After the high-end gaming keyboard G19 Logitech now introduces the new version of the G11 to the market. The first impression: The keyboard has a much simpler design than Logitech's previous gaming devices and somehow reminds of Microsoft's Sidewinder X6. Plain black combined with discreet lighted keys and additional features that make sense.

Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard hands-on test (5)
Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard hands-on test (5) [Source: view picture gallery]
The G110 for example offers a default layout and classical sized keys - fans of notebook keyboards should probably think about the Illuminated Keyboard as an alternative. On the upper edge of the keyboard above the slightly elevated F-keys the designers placed the multimedia controls. Logitech delivered some good work here - on the right side above the numpad you have the play/pause, stop, forward and backwards button as well as a mute key and a roller for volume control.

Furthermore the G110 has its own sound chip and recognizes when you connect a headset - the drivers are installed automatically. Positive: Right next to the microphone and earphone connectors you have two extra mute buttons. To the right of them is the control key for the key backlighting and to the left you have the switch to lock the Windows key.

Like on the old G11 and G15 the G110 has a keypad with programmable keys on the left side. 12 keys can be assigned with macros on three levels (so 36 macros all in all). The additional MR key allows you to record macros on the fly. The macro keys are also slightly elevated so you always get a clear feedback about the position of the hand when placing the pinkie on them.

If you are accustomed to a hard keystroke, you might need some time to get comfortable with the G110 since the keystroke of the Logitech device is rather soft. Besides that the imprint of the keys is slightly too small - several testers complained about the yield of light. Especially when you use blue light the backlighting is a little gloomy. To improve the readability you should change to the orange light.

The G110 also offers a USB 2.0 connector n the front side. It is compatible to common USB sticks, but external hard drives without a separate power supply sometimes don't work sometimes. A removable hand rest tops off the accessories.

Logitech G110 hands-on: Conclusion
The G110 is a rather decent approach of a purebred gaming keyboard and that's a good thing. In gaming usage the Logitech keyboard doesn't reveal any weaknesses. If you prefer to show off a little more you should probably. But let's get tot eh biggest point for critique on the G110: The price. Currently the keyboard costs about 80 Euros. For comparison: The G11 which offers similar features costs about 55 Euros. In our opinion the launch price of the G110 is set too high, just as it had been the case when the G19 hit the markets. If you don't mind that, you can get a compact and decent gaming keyboard with the Logitech G110.

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Author: Lars Craemer (Dec 09, 2009)

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