DKRZ runs climate research on Blizzard

Supercomputer Blizzard: Over 8,000 CPU cores to calculate climate models

With Blizzard one of the most modern supercomputers for climate related calculations had been brought online in Hamburg, Germany. The IBM HPC Cloud of the German Climate Computing Centre delivers for example climate models for the Climate Conference 2009.
DKRZ supercomputer Blizzard: Over 8,000 CPU cores to calculate climate models (25)
DKRZ supercomputer Blizzard: Over 8,000 CPU cores to calculate climate models (25) [Source: view picture gallery]
The German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ; Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum) in Hamburg just recently brought the new high performance system HLRE2 online. The now officially running HPC Cloud, which is called Blizzard, is said to deliver a peak of 158 TFLOPS (158,000 billion floating point operations per second). This is supposed to increase the accuracy of the climate models which are for example used on the Climate Conference 2009 in Copenhagen or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Blizzard's hardware specifications as published by the DKRZ:
• IBM p575 "Power6" cluster
• water cooled
• 16 dual core CPUs per node
• Total size: 264 nodes, 8448 cores
- 249 compute nodes
- 12 I/O nodes
- 3 interactive nodes
• 18,8 GigaFlops/core
• Total system peak performance: 158 TeraFlops/s
• Top500: Rank 27 in 06/09
• 20 TeraByte memory
• 3 PetaByte GPFS file system (additional 3 PetaByte in 2011)
• 8 x Qlogic 288 port 4 x DDR Infiniband switches
- bandwidth: 16 GigaByte/s node to node (bidirectional)
- 25.4 km Infiniband cables

The data archive, which is said to be the biggest climate database in the world, is stored on a sixfold Sun StorageTrek SL8500 array. The 73 tape devices are supplied from the library by separate robots. The library has a capacity of 6x 10,000 media and thus has a storage capacity of 60 Petabyte.

Besides the pictures that you can find in our gallery, the German Climate Computing Center has published a video to introduce Blizzard.

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Author: Carsten Spille (Dec 11, 2009)

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