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Moments that sucked in 2009

23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009

2009 is not over yet, but taking a look at the moments that sucked most this year is definitely possible since no major releases are expected anymore.
PCGH Special: 23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009
PCGH Special: 23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009 [Source: view picture gallery]
In 2009 gamers saw a lot of good games, but also bloopers and situations that just sucked. PC Games Hardware assembled a collection of 23 really bitter examples and presents them in a picture gallery. Among them are "scandals” like Modern Warfare 2, Starcraft 2 or the PC version of The Force Unleashed. But also technical insufficiencies or market developments have been taken into account.

But since 2009 did surly have more than just 23 bitter moments for PC gamers, we ask you to give us some feedback. Are there any other examples that should be mentioned in this list? Post a comment to give your opinion. Your feedback will be introduced with an update.

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Author: (Dec 16, 2009)


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Purple44 Re: 23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009
Junior Member
21.12.2009 03:40
One the worse things that I have seen happen to PC games is DIRT 2 using GFWL ( Games for Windows LIVE ) and finding out that unsupported countries ( over 166 countries ) are lock out of racing DIRT 2 online. Only the 26 countries that are listed as supported countries are allow to log into LIVE and race online.

This been a big shock to those of us that are use to racing the Whole world online with Flatout 2 and GRID.

This is a sad day for online racing if game makers like Codemasters continue to use GFWL and Microsoft restrict who can race online and divide the online racing community!!

[url=]GFWL stole my game [/url]

[url= ]Will Codemasters give new CD-key to those players in unsupport countires that need... [/url]
Ar.Pi Re: 23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009
Senior Member
18.12.2009 16:58
Quote: (Originally Posted by Unregistered)
Agreed! SCII beta being delayed was the worst. MW2 was annoying as hell for me as well. Such an overhyped game. Many review sites coming up with 10/10, BLEGH thats total bs. COD sox! Also agree on the Dirt 2 menu's. Quitting that game in any conventional manner proved a lot harder than I thought, thank god for cltr+alt+del...

Didn't play Dirt 2 but Assassin's Creed had also one of the most consolish menus, and to quit the game it took like a whole minute. I think even Alt+F4 didn't work there.

Tunchy, "To see good in the bad, I like". Nice long list there, you've been busy
ManuKey Re: 23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009
17.12.2009 16:49
Thanks PCGH for this article!j

Here's mine:

1 - No dedicated server / custom maps for CoD: MW2 --> EPIC FAIL
2 - No lan support for Starcraft 2
3 - No lan support for Diablo 3
4 - Alan what ? hmmmmm ah yes! Alan Wake! We dont know if it will make it to PC, we dont even know if it will be released before end of days!
5 - Duke Nukem Forever: Cancelation
6 - Star Wars Force Unleashed: A real shit-packed- worst console-port ever made!
7 - Ghostbusters: No Online Functionality for PC, not even lan coop --> WTF?!
8 - All games that need to be activated via STEAM...its simply sux
9 - The fact that developers focus only on console and major part of PC games are suffering from that...

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