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Intel Custom Desktop Challenge: The winners of the case mod contest

The winners of the Intel Custom Desktop Challenge have been announced. PC Games Hardware shows the creations that were made for this case mod contest.
Duck [Source: view picture gallery]
From October 5, 2009 to December 14, 2009 Intel held the Custom Desktop Challenge contest with participants from all over the world. Each modder created a Core i7 or core i5 based system. The goal of the event was to show technological possibilities that can be realized in the future - with a lot of variety from gaming PCs to innovative platforms for an automated home.

In the category "Best Show” the Mod "Duck”, which is equipped with a Core i7 and intended as a gaming machine, has reached the first price. In the category "Peoples Choice” first place is occupied by "Cosmos Blue Motion Flow”, which is based on a Core i7, too. "Project Cool” with an integrated display ranked first in the category "Mod Creativity”. The award of "Lifestyle” goes to "Mission” which would fit in many living rooms. The category "best Video” goes to "OS Xbox Pro” - a system for video editing that has been realized on very small space and with high cost efficiency.

Besides that there has been the category "Best Country” where the following participants were able to convince:
• USA: OS Xbox Pro
• Canada: Bloodrage
• Belgium: Blood Diamond
• The Netherlands: Terminator
• Norway: The World's End
• Sweden: Music Machine
• Great Britain: Project Bangra
• Japan: Kazukun
Pictures of all the mods listed in alphabetical order can be found in out gallery below. If you want to know more about the Intel Custom Challenge, you can get additional information on the official website. What do you think about the case mods?

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Andreas Link (Dec 17, 2009)

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