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Cinematic Mod 10.10: High-res screenshots and wallpapers

Fakefactory's Cinematic Mod 10.10 has been available for several days now. PC Games Hardware paid another visit to City 17 and delivers 20 high-res screenshots that can be used as desktop wallpapers, too.
Cinematic Mod 10.10 (8)
Cinematic Mod 10.10 (8) [Source: view picture gallery]
As you can see on the picture above the Cinematic Mod 10.10 again delivers a new alternative character model for Alyx Vance which is based on the looks of the Brazilian super model Adriana Lima. As usual the visual appearance is a matter of taste, but from a technical point of view the "V70” is more than convincing - especially the animations and mimic. By the way: Aiming with iron sights has been added to Half-Life 2 and you can replace the models for weapons and Combines.

In our preview gallery you can find 20 downsized screenshots that have originally been taken on a Radeon HD 5870 at a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with 8x SGSSAA and a negative LOB. Logged in PCGH users can also download the pictures as PNG files in their full resolution at the end of the page.

Furthermore Fakefactory said in a statement at 3D Center that the whole discussion about the HD Alyx is annoying him and so he published five new comparison shots that definitely don't contain any trace of Alyx.

Just recently it had been revealed that there is an extension for Cinemtaic Mod 10.10 under construction that will deliver ultra realistic eyes to the game.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 05, 2010)

Cinematic Mod 10.10 Wallpaper (2560er) [88,6 MB]

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