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New gameplay with old graphics

Command & Conquer 4: High-res screenshots of the Beta plus tech infos

The Beta of Command & Conquer 4 is running for some time already. PC Games Hardware has some high-res screenshots and some technical details.

The technical base for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is EA's SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine). But since the structure has been used for the last game of the franchise it has been overhauled and is called RNA Engine since Red Alert 3. It still delivers Shader gimmicks like Light Rays and a lot of particles. The texture quality is acceptable for a real-time strategy game, but in general the game has few polygons.

A positive surprise are the new shadows: The edges of the Shadows Maps are filtered or smoothed and don't flicker as much anymore if the camera is moving. Currently Command & Conquer 4 doesn't really utilize multi-core processors and only a single core is used. In our gallery you can find several impressions from Command & Conquer 4 that we have taken at 2560 x 1600 pixels with maximal details.

The engine is still locked at 30 frames per second, but the Beta is not running 100 percent stable yet - in every match we had lags for example. But of course this is the Beta phase and the developers still have time to optimize the technology. The release date is scheduled for March 18, 2010.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

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Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 08, 2010)


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ironduke Re: Command & Conquer 4: High-res screenshots of the Beta plus tech infos
Junior Member
12.01.2010 10:04
I lost interest in C&C series after the original Red Alert, as the gerne just followed the same old song - just with better looking graphics.

SC1 was great, but I think there were a few expectations from the TA gamers, so it didn't quite make it the ultimate in my books. Think it didn't help with something like the Monkeylord walking into a crowded base, and then being spoilt for choice as to what to waste, so consiquently, it didn't get to deploy it's main weapon till it was already dead. Bit slow in my books. Nice to see the Colossus had it's main weapon fixed in the expantion pack, as it was such a flop in the orginal release.
But the biggest win was the navigation was much better than TA - you didn't see drunken sea captians ram their ships into each other, then spend the rest of the battle working out how to pass each other.
But I couldn't help but fell the basic units were nothing short of usless in SC. At least in TA Rocko's were a useful bot for basic air defence and land defence (leaving the Jethro's out of the build list) from the start, and missile towers could fire on any threat that come within range. Now you have to have AA, ground and sea platforms to defend with in SC.

I hope in SC 2 there is the option for more customisable units, so you could have something like a Fat Boy outfitted for total sea dominance, and another for Anti Air dominance. At the same time, the basic load out should allow the super units to defend against land, sea and air, but the primary roll could be customised, so it could be a ground pounder, air shredder, sub shark, or even a support roll for mass production and repairs.
ManuKey Re: Command & Conquer 4: High-res screenshots of the Beta plus tech infos
11.01.2010 14:51
Quote: (Originally Posted by Duck)
Looks like shit. They better release it before SC2, or it will be total joke

And the 30 fps limit is a REAL joke...
Duck Re: Command & Conquer 4: High-res screenshots ...
09.01.2010 06:05
Looks like shit. They better release it before SC2, or it will be total joke

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