Coollab Liquid Ultra thermal compound

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra: New high-end liquid metal thermal compound

According to information available to PC Games Hardware, Coollaboratory is going to introduce Liquid Ultra soon. One of the advantages in comparison to the Liquid Pro is the easy removal.
Coolaboratory Liquid Ultra: New High-End Thermal Compound under way (4)
Coolaboratory Liquid Ultra: New High-End Thermal Compound under way (4) [Source: view picture gallery]
Up to today the Liquid Pro of Coolaboratory is in matter of heat transfer capabilities one of the best thermal compounds. But it has one big disadvantage: Its consistency: First of all it is difficult to apply (the Liquid Pro has a low viscosity like mercury) and secondly it is difficult to remove once it is on the processor. Coollaboratory has a metal pad that avoids this, but has another disadvantage instead. It can be used only once and needs a ‘burn-in': So it has to be brought to a very high temperature once so it gets liquid.

The new compound Liquid Ultra apparently doesn't have those disadvantages. Although it consists of liquid metal like the Pro version it is less fluid. Thus it is easier to compensate clearances. Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra is supposed to be easier to handle and easier to remove since it doesn't harden between the chip and the heatsink. Depending on the usage the Liquid Ultra is supposed to deliver the same performance as the Liquid Pro or the metal pad - possibly it is even doing a little better. An official clearance for aluminum heatsinks and cooler has not been given to the Liquid Ultra, but nevertheless it is not as aggressive to this material as the Liquid Pro.

According to our sources the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra will hit the markets in mid-January for 8.90 Euros.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Jan 12, 2010)

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