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1991: Neverwinter Nights
1991: Neverwinter Nights [Source]

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1991: Unreal
1992: Powermonger
1992: Might and Magic - Clouds of Xeen
1992: Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss
1992: Quest of Glory
1992: The Legend of Kyrandia
1993: ShadowCaster
1993: Lands of Lore - The Throne of Chaos
1994: Ecstatica
1995: Heretic
1994: The Elder Scrolls Arena
1995: Heroes of Might and Magic
1995: Discworld
1995: Hexen
1995: Magic Carpet 2
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lagathy Re: 30 years of Fantasy games: A genre in the course of time
Senior Member
27.01.2010 04:52
really good article....

first rpg i ever played was on the zx81 ( 1k )..i remember waking up 2 hours before school to be able to play it,forget the name,though you moved an "X" around a sort of 2d maze which revealed itself pixel by pixel,and every now and again you'd encounter a "Y" whereby you would live or die depending on some mind bogglingly simple code(though it probably was totally random)....gr8 game though,loved it.
final fantasy 7 deserved a mention i thought..really brought rpgs to the masses,and what a breakthrough game it was in terms of..well..everything.
ive still not completed baldurs gate im ashamed to say...i consider myself a pretty good rpg-ist,but the 2 times ive tried it,ive found certain encounters to be nigh on impossible to beat,leading to utter frustration and day ill get back to it :P
Duck Re: 30 years of Fantasy games: A genre in the course of time
14.01.2010 16:35
Great one. Lots of nostalgic stuff
Tunchy Re: 30 years of Fantasy games: A genre in the cour...
Senior Member
14.01.2010 13:24
EPIC report, PC GH !! What a good old games! From 2000 to nowdays some of them I was playing a year ago - Sacred, Enclave, Gothic -with better textures mod- 1 or 2,-.

Enclave, Risen, Hellgate London, Avencast, Titan Quest, The Witcher, Drakensang, Dark Messiah of Migh & Magic, Jade Empire, Fable Lost Chapters, Morrowind, KOTOR, or Vampires The Mascarade Bloodlines, Baldur´s Gate II, Fallout Complete..... one of the great things in PC Gaming is the huge retrocompatibility: Anyone can enjoy RPG classics in any e-store in case you could not find them on retail version.

Warhammer Mark of Chaos, Heroes of Annihilated Empire, Elven Legacy and its 3 add ons, King Bounty The Legend & Armored Princess, Aztaka, Torchlight....what a decade !