Possibly first Cedar card pictured

First pictures of a graphics card with Cedar GPU

The first pictures that are said to show an AMD graphics card with a Cedar chip have been posted in an online forum. Rumors say the new series is said to be intended for the market section below Redwood and will be launched soon.
AMD Cedar GPU: The first pictures that allegedly show the new graphics card series. (2)
AMD Cedar GPU: The first pictures that allegedly show the new graphics card series. (2) [Source: view picture gallery]
AMD is said to launch a new graphics card series with DirectX 11 support for low requirements soon. The new devices are based on the GPU with the codename Cedar. Now the first pictures that are said to show one of the cards have been made available on the Internet.

Latest speculations say Cedar will have about 200 Stream Processors and a 64 bit memory interface. The graphics cards that will be equipped with the new chips are rumored to be called Radeon HD 5450, HD 5500 and HD 5570 - AMD has not released any information about the naming though.

According the pictures, the card has a very small cooling solution with a small fan. This indicates a positive development in matters of passive cooling solutions and low power consumption. Since current Redwood cards are available for about 80 Euros already, the prices for the Cedar cards are most likely to be even lower. The pictures have been published at

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Author: Thomas Schleider (Jan 15, 2010)

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