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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 running on Ati Eyefinity

Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels

The Beta of Battlefield Bad Company 2 has just been launched and PC Games Hardware joined the battle running the game on three 30 inch monitors.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels. (22)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels. (22) [Source: view picture gallery]
In the first days since the Beta of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been launched, the game became quite popular. The servers are crowed with players who want to test the new action title. PC Games Hardware also joined in and took some extra huge screenshots. We ran Bad Company 2 on three 30 inch displays, using AMD's Ati Eyefinity technology. At the full resolution of 7680 x 1600 pixels you get a wide field of view and the game looks quite impressive. But the huge resolution also has its disadvantages: At high details and 16:1 AF but without anti aliasing our test system with a Core i7-975 and the Radeon HD 5870 was able to deliver about 30 frames per second on average. If AA is activated, the framerates drops to an unplayable level.

In our gallery at the end of the page you can find 40 huge screenshots of the Bad Company 2 Beta. Please note that due to their size it can take a while to load them when you browse the picture gallery.

The comparisons below show the differences between the individual aspect ratios. As you can see the field of view at 5:4 or 4:3 is not much smaller than it is at 16:10. But if you place three widescreen displays next to each other and go to 48:10 you can definitely see much more of the battlefield.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Kristoffer Keipp (Feb 01, 2010)


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pcghx_Marc Re: Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels
PCGH Editor
04.02.2010 00:13
We are not allowed to make benchmarks cause it is a MP beta. So stay tuned for release.
Yapa Re: Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels
Senior Member
02.02.2010 05:14
Looks nice however I'm still not a huge fan of 3 screen gaming... I dont think you would really use the two side monitors much. I think most players eyes would be focused on the main display.

It may add extra immersion, but at too big a price and performance hit!

PCGH, can you guys do CPU & GPU tests? Also can you test if the game (frostbite engine) uses quad core? There are a lot of mixed opinion's and no one is quite sure... the engine is supposed to support more than 2 cores but in my testing it only uses 2 cores, even with low settings.

Would be good to get some benchmarks on popular cards and CPU's
Duck Re: Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels
01.02.2010 21:47
Looks like shit

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