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Need for Speed: Shift - Better graphics with PCGH Edition Mod

There are several modifications for Need for Speed: Shift that improve the graphics of the game. PC Games Hardware now offers a special mod designed solely for this reason.
NFS Shift: Mods benötigen den

PC Games Hardware has already reported about a lot of modifications for several games. Among them had also been the Need for Speed: Shift mod by BeetleatWar1977 which were able to convince many gamers due to their improvements. Now the modder finished a special project for PC Games Hardware: An individually adjusted modification.

Logged in PCGH users can download the modification at the end of the page. The mod delivers several changes. To use it please follow the instructions explained in the article Need for Speed: Shift - Better graphics with texture mods, LOD tweaks and HDR Rendering. With the special PCGH Edition Shift will be upgraded with the following features:
• Modified HDR: Limitations related to the consoles have been removed (the original uses the dynamic range between 16 and 235)
• LOD: Has been annulled for almost all situations
• Draw distance is increased
• SSAO works with twice as much samples
• Motion Blur: High setting modified (more samples and adjusted distribution)
• Some features (like Environment Mapping and Parallax Effect) have been reactivated
• The generation of shadows has been adjusted (additional shadows on certain objects)
• Enhanced SSAO: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion is used for additional objects (the original doesn't use full screen SSAO)
• The number of possible particle effects and the related draw distance has been increased
• The filter options of the Shaders has been adjusted
In our gallery you can find several screenshots of Need for Speed: Shift that demonstrate the visual differences of the mod.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Raffael Vötter (Feb 02, 2010)

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