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Crysis 2: New info about Cryengine 3 from Crytek founder Cevat Yerli

In an interview with PC Games Hardware Cevat Yerli talked about the Cryengine 3, which the forthcoming Crysis 2 is based on. Which advantages and improvements have been integrated in the new structure?
Cevat Yerli: The Crytek founder answered the questions of PC Games Hardware.
Cevat Yerli: The Crytek founder answered the questions of PC Games Hardware. [Source: view picture gallery]
In January 2010 PC Games Hardware visited Crytek in Frankfurt, Germany. This gave us the chance to ask Cevat Yerli, founder of Crytek, technical questions about the Cryengine 3. From the interview we learned that although the Cryengine 3 is a multi-platform technology, there is no lead platform which is usually the case. Instead the Live Create feature of the engine allows the developers for example to transfer an adjustment they just made on the PC to the consoles. The Cryengien 3 automatically converts, compresses and optimizes the content and conveys the output to the platforms. One of the most important features of the Cryengine 3 is its cross-platform scaling capability that makes it possible to reach best results from each platform.

Cevat Yerli also told us that the development of the Cryengine 3 started shortly after the Cryengine 2 based Crysis had been released in 2007. Besides Live Create the new version of the engine also offers new features and supports multi-core processors. Deferred Lighting makes it possible to integrate a lot of dynamic lights into a scene without challenging the hardware too much. The Cryengine 3 is also capable of Realtime Global Illumination: This feature makes it possible to display flashes, color gradients or mirror effects without prior calculations or geometry restrictions - for static and dynamic objects. According to Mr. Yerli the aim is to use all the innovations and enhancements to set new standards on all platforms. Another advantage of the Cryengine 3 is that it is delivered with a physics engine that has been developed by Crytek and doesn't use middleware like Physx or Havok. The in-house creation allows the destruction of almost any object (trees, vehicles or buildings).

Our last question to Cevat Yerli was if Crysis 2 would get modern high-end PCs to their limits as Crysis one did in its time and what hardware would be required to play the game at 1920 x 1200 pixels with 4x MSAA and 16:1 AF. Unfortunately the Crytek founder couldn't comment on that topic yet.

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Author: Marc Sauter (Feb 03, 2010)

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