Impressions from the Starcraft 2 Beta

Starcraft 2 Beta maxed out

The Beta of Starcraft 2 is running and PC Games Hardware took a closer look at the highly anticipated real-time strategy game. We have several screenshots that demonstrate the maximal graphic of Blizzard's latest game.

With maximal details Starcraft 2 is looking quite good – for a Blizzard game. Especially the organic design of the Zerg is well made. Although the Beta doesn’t offer anti-aliasing in the video options, it is nevertheless possible to force the visual enhancement in the graphics drivers or via tools like Nhancer. Thus the game can also be run with Multi- or even Supersampling anti-aliasing.

In our preview gallery you can find downsized versions of almost 20 screenshots that show the Starcraft 2 Beta at a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with highest details and 4x TSSAA. Logged in PC Games Hardware users can also download the pictures at full resolution at the end of the page.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Marc Sauter (Feb 19, 2010)

Starcraft 2 Beta (Hi-Res-Screenshots) [49,4 MB]

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