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Ati Radeon HD 5830 reviewed: New price performance king?

Today AMD's Radeon HD 5830 is officially launched. PC Games Hardware checks if the Cypress LE card can conquer the price performance crown and what gaming performance it can deliver.

Radeon HD 5830 reviewed: Introduction
AMD's Evergreen graphics card family already has halve a dozen members, which are more or less interesting for gamers: From the Radeon HD 5670 up to the dual GPU model Radeon HD 5970. The price area between 150 and 250 Euros is now provided with the Radeon HD 5830 which fills the gap between the HD 5770 (130 Euros) and the HD 5850 (300 Euros).

If you haven't dealt with AMD's DirectX 11 generation, you might want to take a look at our reviews of the individual variants:

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Radeon HD 5830 reviewed: Specifications
In order to place the HD 5830 below the HD 5850 AMD has reduced the number of operative units: Instead of 18 only 14 SIMDs are active and thus 1120 5-Vec-ALUs and 56 TMUs. With 256 bit the memory interface keeps its size and the 1 GiByte GDDR5 VRAM is running at 2000 MHz, too.

The biggest cut has been applied to the ROPs, which are responsible for the anti-aliasing calculations. While the HD 5850 has 32 ROPs the HD 5830 has only 16 - like the HD 5770. Since the latter one is running with a core frequency of 850 MHz and the HD 5830 only at 800 MHz the actually smaller model is faster. But in matters of GFLOPS, bandwidth and texture fillrate the HD 5830 is superior.

Due to the 800 MHz the TDP of the HD 5830 is higher than the TDP of the HD 5850. Apparently the lower number of SIMDs is compensated with an increased 3D voltage.

Radeon HD 5830 reviewed: Board designs
For our tests AMD provided us with an HD 5870 that has been flashed with a new BIOS version since there is now reference design for the HD 5830. The board partners are provided with the chips only and can combine them with custom boards and cooling solutions. It is also allowed to vary the frequencies. The first HD 5830 variants of Gigabyte and Sapphire are based on a HD 5870 board and not on a HD 5850.

Since there is now reference design we didn't test loudness, power consumption or overclocking capabilities - those tests will be made in the reviews of individual graphics cards.

Radeon HD 5830: Gigabyte's first variant
Radeon HD 5830: Gigabyte's first variant [Source: view picture gallery]

Author: (Feb 25, 2010)

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