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Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition: 6-core Gulftown priced

Intel's new Gulftown top dog, the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, has been listed and priced by several online shops. The 6-core processor is tagged with prices between 960 and 1050 Euros.
Intel's 6 core Gulftown
Intel's 6 core Gulftown [Source: view picture gallery]
The market introduction of Intel’s Gulftown 6-core processors is close at hand. Online stores have started to list the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition on their websites. According to the traders’ specifications the socket 1366 processor is running at 3.33 GHz and has 256 KB L1, 1536 KB L3 and 12 MB L3 cache. It is produced in 32 nanometers and the QPI is said to work with 6400 MT/s. If the specifications are correct the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition will have a maximal TDP of 130 watt.

The first prices for the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition have been issued, too: In European stores the 6-core Gulftown is currently listed with a retail price of about 960 to 1050 Euros apiece.

If you are interested in the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition you might want to take a look at our Hands-on test of the six-core Gulftown.

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Author: Johannes Schaller (Feb 25, 2010)

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