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Dark impressons from Metro 2033

Metro 2033 system requirements revealed – Fermi optimal GPU

Metro 2033 is supposed to be released in spring 2010 and deliver DirectX 11 as well as Nvidia Physx. Now the system requirements for visually impressive title have been revealed - and it looks like you should have fast hardware.
Screenshots of Metro (27)
Screenshots of Metro (27) [Source: view picture gallery]
The graphically impressive title Metro 2033 will be released on March 16, 2010. Publisher THQ just revealed the system requirements, which definitely are quite impressive. While the minimal requirements of the DirectX 11 shooter are moderate, the developers go to full speed with their recommendation.

Minimal system requirements: Metro 2033
- Dual-Core CPU (Core 2 Duo or better)
- DirectX 9, Shader Model 3 graphics card (Geforce 8800, Geforce GT220)
- 1 GiB RAM

Recommended system requirements: Metro 2033
- Quad-Core or 3.0+ GHz Dual-Core CPU
- DirectX 10 graphics card (Geforce GTX 260)
- 2 GiB RAM

Optimal system requirements: Metro 2033
- Core i7 CPU
- Nvidia DirectX 11 graphics card (Geforce GTX 480 and Geforce GTX 470)
- As much RAM as possible (8 GiB+)
- Fast HDD or SSD

3D Vision requirements: Metro 2033
- Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 and 120 Hertz display
- Nvidia 3D Vision
- Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7

This means we will have to save some money until the game is released. It would probably be a good idea to bundle Metro 2033 with high-end PCs. What do you think about the system requirements of Metro 2033? Give your opinion in the comments.

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Author: Andreas Link (Feb 26, 2010)


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ruyven_macaran Re: Metro 2033 system requirements revealed – Fermi optimal GPU
Super Moderator
28.02.2010 01:26
To run 3D, you need 120Hz - not 120fps.
3D works perfectly well, if you display the same two pictures 60 times a second each. (gaming doesn't though)
Also 3D doesn't increase rendering load by 100%, but by usually less then 10%. After all it's just a slightly different perspective of the same scene, so all geometry, physiX/cs, lighting, texture,... and probably even surface shader calculations are valid for both frames.
Kapral.Hicks Re: Metro 2033 system requirements revealed – Fermi optimal GPU
Junior Member
27.02.2010 11:27
I dont care about this requirements because I dont care abaut this game. But I know, there is many guys out there who are obsessed with games, they buying high end specs just to run everything at max possible settings, even if they dont like this particular game.
Suvrojit Re: Metro 2033 system requirements revealed – Fermi optimal GPU
Junior Member
26.02.2010 21:52
Quote: (Originally Posted by gs01)
Foreign developers ****. They don't have the brain power to optimize games just drink vodka.

Does that mean people who just upgraded their hardware for Windows 7 need to upgrade again for this game, & when this game doesn't look half as good....yes the game is heavily doubt, they should make this game some console exclusive, so spare us the high-end hardware...

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