Two fused 2 GiB HD 5870s on a single board

Asus Ares: HD 5970 done right - first benchmarks

The fastest graphics card in the world - this title is currently given to the Radeon HD 5970. But at the Cebit Asus shows the dual HD 5870 cad with two times 2 GiByte video memory which is supposed to conquer the throne.
Asus Ares at Cebit 2010 (2)
Asus Ares at Cebit 2010 (2) [Source: view picture gallery]
At the Cebit Asus presents the Ares, a dual GPU card with two full-fledged HD 5870 GPUs which have access to 2 GiByte each - an overall VRAM amount 4 GiByte. This means that in contrast to the common HD 5970 the frequencies are not reduced. In difference to the Mars (Asus' dual GTX 285) the Ares won't be limited and is going to be produced and sold as long as there is a demand for the card. But given the expected price of 750 to 1000 Euros the card still transfers a feeling of exclusiveness.

In a first benchmark, 3DMArk Vantage Extreme, the card reached more than 14000 points in the Extreme setting (1920 x 1200 pixels 4x FSAA, a6x AF) - a real impressive results. For more details take a look at the pictures in our gallery below.

Asus Ares at Cebit 2010 (18)
Asus Ares at Cebit 2010 (18) [Source: view picture gallery]
Besides a monstrous cooling solution with a centered fan and two massive copper heatsinks, each of which is interspersed with four heatpipes, Asus equipped the Ares with two 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector to secure sufficient the power supply. In combination with the PCI Express socket the power connectors can provide a maximum of 450 watt to the Ares.

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Author: Carsten Spille (Mar 01, 2010)

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