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1989: Indianapolis 500
1989: Indianapolis 500 [Source: Mobygames]

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1992: Formula One Grand Prix
1992: Car and Driver
1992: Grand Prix Unlimited
1992: Toyota Celica GT Rally
1994: Newman Haas Indy Cars
1993: Indycar Racing (still regarded to be one of the best racing games ever)
1994: F1
1994: Quarantine
1994: Nascar Racing
1995: Maniac Carts
1995: The Need for Speed
1996: Destruction Derby (Last Man Standing for racing games)
1996: Rally Championship
1996: Road Rash
1997: GT Racing
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alexapi32 Re: 31 years of racing - Cars in video games
Junior Member
20.03.2010 19:46
Brings back the memories, that's for sure.
lagathy Re: 31 years of racing - Cars in video games
Senior Member
15.03.2010 03:38

took a while going through all those usual,i havent heard of half of them,and have probably played under a quarter..but..hey gran turismo...nor ridge racer....??!!!!!
strange though how times have changed...used to go into an arcade in the 80s/90s just to be absolutely blown away by games such as outrun/super hang on,and having to make do with lousy conversions on the spectrum and c64( )...and then later came the 3d versions,ridge racer/sega rally/daytona...but pretty much as soon as the playstation came out,that was it,it was effectively the end of those days..even the lure of huge arcade screens and hyrdolics couldnt really save the day.
natr0n Re: 31 years of racing - Cars in video games
Senior Member
13.03.2010 03:29
very nice pics

nice to see sega rally as well.