Physics in games

Games with remarkable physics effects

Good physics simulations can make a game feel more realistic and improve the gaming experience - especially if the player benefits from special effects. Pc Games Hardware takes a look at the past the present and the future of physics in games.
Games with remarkable physics effects

Even before Pong the simple Tennis for Two has been the first game with a physics simulation relevant for the game: With moveable pads two players were able to throw a ball – the correct relation of incident angle and emergent angle was the physical base for the gameplay.

Physics in games
The term physics in games covers quite a big amount of things. First of all the developers of a game have to choose if the physics effect will affect gameplay or are integrated just for show. They also have to decide if they want to create their own physics engine or if they are going to use middleware. Some well known solutions are Novodex, Havok or ODE. To simulate whole forests with correct physics calculations many developers make use of Speedtree and Euphoria deals with the realistic body movements.

In our picture gallery below, you can find a selection of games that are regarded to have remarkable physics effects – of course the list cannot be claimed to be complete. If you know another game that you think should be mentioned, don’t hesitate to write it down in the comments.

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Author: Bayer, Link (Apr 21, 2010)

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