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In 2009 the Godfather 2 brings up mixed feelings - EA's game can't compete with Mafia.
In 2009 the Godfather 2 brings up mixed feelings - EA's game can't compete with Mafia. [Source: Cynamite]

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The adventure Nectropolis is something for slightly older gamers. It was released in 1994 but wasn't able to compete with the games released by Lucas Arts.
Genewars anno 1996: Sometimes even Bullfrog can fail.
Star Wars: Episode I - Battle for Naboo isn't able to impress anyone back in 2000.
In 2001 many reviewers didn't like the Mystery Adventure Majestic.
When it was released, FIFA Manager 07 suffered from technical bugs. Even the add-on the fans could buy, wasn't able to fix them.
Armies of Exigo reaches rather low scores in 2004, although those gamers who really dug into the mechanics might have got some entertainment.
While Black & White 1 was able to impress with the new gameplay, the sequel doesn't stand up to the requirements of many gamers.
Battlefield Heroes is finally released in 2009 and the reviews are not too bad, but the game doesn't get much coverage anymore.
Many reviewers don't talk too good about the Dragon Age:Origins DLC Return to Ostagar.
NfS in trouble: Need for Speed ProStreet gets only low review scores in 2007.
Some of the add-ons of Spore are disliked by the gamers, and there are even some PC gamers who would take the game game itself for free.
Many reviewers agree that EA didn't do a good thing with the Mass Effect 2 DLC Kasumi.
Command and Conquer Renegade gets some not-to-bad scores in 2002, but in matters of gaming experience the excursion into the action genre isn't very convincing.
Need for Speed: Undercover does a lot of damage to the reputation of the NfS series and EA - the licensed cars can't make up for the bad gameplay.
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Tunchy Re: The probably worst EA games
Senior Member
14.05.2010 19:09
Quote: (Originally Posted by Unregistered)
Looks like the crysis is really affecting this site
i guess the new question now is "can it survive the crysis?"

For first comment: Looks like maybe you should learn german as a I do for reading the original web? Maybe. It could be possible. If you are too lazy for that, you can always count on the e-translator.

For second one: May the Crysis be worse for consolish royalties in video games ? I do not doubt it. Less when it has only one single bazar and no too much game offers.

That is why medicrity in some videogames like thoses from EA are not welcome: too much publicity but not too much quality.
connos Re: The probably worst EA games
Senior Member
12.05.2010 21:34
For me EA is better than Ubisoft or Activision.
Tunchy Re: The probably worst EA games
Senior Member
11.05.2010 23:46
Thanks for the interesting report, as always, PC GH !!

I bought 2007´s Medal of Honor Airborne in its relase day. Well, my apreciations as consumer is:

1) WORST graphic options menu of all MOH. Lazyness o´mine !! (Sad but true)

2) Alpha Prime even has more options. Or Penumbra Overture -doing a favour not mentioning Crysis, neither STALKER´s graphic options menu: more serious ones- this last is an swedish indie game in case some reader may not know it, but even its graphic options menu looks:

a- Much more complete and normal to previous MoH ones -not like MoH Airborne-.

b- 3 times cheaper for not to find same quality in an EA game but this quality is there in those PC exclusive games. Sould I feel ashamed as consumer .... ? Yes.

3) I can undersand Pandemic´s Mercenaries 2 (not so much experience in PC Games). But I can not understand how EA in MoH did that creepy "way of working" for g. options menú.

4) EA Sports poor excuses for bad FIFA´s PC port MUST NOT be the real reason: don´t they feel worried that after more than 10 years working in PC Games, Criterion Studios COULD find the power to make a decent Burnout Paradise port in PC ??

So if you, PC Gamer, install MoH Airborne or Wolphe nstein and in the other hand Alpha Prime or Penumbra Overture, you will find a more profesional, serious and tradicional graphic options menu in the second last group.

And if you take a look at what this games cost .... I do not see normal at all.

P.S: About Spore editor and its oportunism for selling it (Oblivion, Fallout 3, L4D 1 or 2, COD 4, Majesty, Men of War, Torchlight, Crysis, ArmA 1 or 2, and much more a-d-u-l-t games, has a FREE editor), we will talk in another ocassion.

So Santa Claus is not happy this time with you, EA. Me, as an adult consumer, neither.