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New and slim: Xbox 360 S - loudness and power consumption put older models to shame

Microsoft has started to sell their new Xbox 360 S and PC Games Hardware took the new model dubbed Valhalla to the test and tells you exactly how much loudness and power consumption were improved.
 Xbox 360 S impressions (15)
Xbox 360 S impressions (15) [Source: view picture gallery]
The new and slim Xbox 360 S is way smaller than its predecessor and Microsoft promised a lower power consumption and reduced operating noise. As soon as the black Xbox 360 Slim hit our testlabs, PC Games Hardware took the console to see if it measures up on these two points. At this point we directly start to the facts you want to know.

Our measurement of loudness shows it clear: the Xbox 360 S ist way quieter than our comparison model, a rather oldish model codenamed Falcon. 0,6 sone or 24 dB(A) is the value given by our gauge on the dashboard. In comparison, Falcon reaches 1,2 sone or 32 dB(A) and thus comes in twice as loud. The distinction gets more pronounced while gaming. Valhallas loudness is measured with 0,9 sone or 28 dB(A) while theFalconmodel is molesting you with 3,4 sone or 43 dB(A). There is just one small thing, which Microsoft did not improve. There is a fan in the power adaptor and this little guy is whirring along unpleasantly loud.

Next we measured the power consumption of the Xbox 360 S which was lot improved. Valhalla needs 67 watts at the dasboard and 80 watts while gaming. For comparsion Falcon needs 88 watts in dashboard and 109 watts while gaming. Older Xenon-models take easily 150-180 watts from your outlet.

Due to the onboard WLAN, the new Xbox 360 S starts a bit slower when it's activated. 30 seconds elapse heading for the dashboard, the old white Xbox needs 21 seconds to show the operating system.

You can read the full test of the Xbox 360 S on our german website. There you find more information about what Microsoft changed. For your convenience, here's the link to the google-translated version.

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Author: Andreas Link (Jul 15, 2010)

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