Dog Days

Kane and Lynch 2: Ups and downs of its inconvenient graphics

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is based on the Glacier Engine and offers a unique, strangely appealing appearance. PC Games Hardware gives you an impression by showing you about two dozen pictures full of ups and downs of the Kane and Lynch 2 graphics.
Kane & Lynch 2
Kane & Lynch 2 [Source: view picture gallery]
In Kane & Lynch 2 you play the psychopath Lynch. Kane is your company in Shanghai. In the final release you spend 48 story-hours with those two anti-heroes. We have been playing a few hours and now show you the graphical ups and downs.

Kane and Lynch 2: Glacier Engine and optics:

Dog Days uses the Glacier Engine, who's DirectX-9-renderer has been entirely re-written, according to IO Interactive. The real time lighting including the soft shadows and the ambient occlusion feature plus the reflections are very nice. But the highlights are the post-filters like film grain, deliberately placed artifacts, bloom, lens flare effects and the so called CCD-overdrive. This is very special and one might say that the optics of Kane and Lynch 2 are a unique selling point to this game.

As outstanding as the style might be, it often gets too much. The gaming experience sometimes suffers from too many flickering lights or blinding stripes of brightness. Textures tend to repeat very frequently. Some objects have so few polygons one might think they've been missed in the finishing process of development. See more details in our pictures and the captions.

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Author: Marc Sauter (Aug 17, 2010)

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