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Solved: Battlefield 3 lag issue with DirectX-10-Geforce cards

EAs current topseller Battlefield 3 is not only in the news for it's technical and gameplay merits but also on less favourable issues like Origin and problems with mouse lag/stuttering on DirectX-10-Geforce cards. Here's how to fix the latter issue.
Battlefield 3: Get rid of extreme stuttering/lagging on DirectX-10-Geforces (5)
Battlefield 3: Get rid of extreme stuttering/lagging on DirectX-10-Geforces (5) [Source: view picture gallery]
While we have noticed the problems with stuttering and mouse lag on older Geforce cards in our initial tests and informed Nvidia about it, to this day nothing happened from official side. A PCGH Extreme community member which goes by the name of Antichrist has found a solution to this issue that involves invoking a simple console command. We were able to verify it's effectiveness.

All you have to do is open the in-game console with the ^-key (left to the 1-key) and type
RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1
Press enter for the command to immediately take effect.

With this tweak Battlefield 3 runs flawlessly on a Geforce GTX 260 as long as you don't up the resolution or multisampling-level too much. Even owners of Geforce cards from the 8/9 generation can play Battlefield 3 using this neat little trick.

Advanced users might know that there's an option in the Geforce driver panel also adjusting the prerender-limit. In contrast to the in-game setting this proved to not have an effect on the issue at hand, whether you apply it globally or just to the Battlefield 3 profile.

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Author: Raffael Vötter (Nov 04, 2011)

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