Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald: New hope for fans of HOMM und Disciples - new Kickstarter project

There's a new project on crowdfunding plattform Kickstarter called Legends of Eisenwald. The small Russian team Aterdux Entertainment who already brought es Discord Times, tries to combine RGP and strategic elements aside from typical fantasy backgrounds seen in games.
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Crowdfunding is getting popular these days, especially with adventures and RPG style games. Recently, The Banner Saga, a mixture of RGP and tactical combat was really succesful on Kickstarter with over 700.000 dollars. The inital goal was just to achieve 100.000. A new project from small Russian developer team Aterdux Entertainment, Legends of Eisenwald, is now trying to get support from fans of this genre. Eisenwald is the successor of Discord Times, a game with a similar scenario, which was published several years ago. Here, too, strategy and role playing are combined, whereas the background story does not provide the usual fantasy stuff. The world of Eisenwald is call "medieval mysticism". There is alchemy and divination, but no fireballs and summoning of elements. There were magical creatures, but they are not the lovely elves. Heroes in the game would not save the world and they would not interfere in the struggle between gods.

At Kickstarter, the project still runs for 24 days. So far, almost 9,000 dollars of the required 50,000 have been signed by backers. A long way to go.

In summary, Legends of Eisenwald shows the following features:
- Mix of RPG and strategy, turn-based tactical combat with a simple economic system
- Three "professions": Knight, Mystic, Baroness, each with slightly different story
- Tactical battles without boredom: No movement without attack, very small battlefield, low round figures in the fight, no random strikes, no unit "stacking"
- Game is single player only, at least 30 hours of gameplay, Campaign with side missions
- Many units with skill tree. Each unit can be improved through upgrades and equipment
- Lots of weapons and magic
- Castles may be take to strengthen the army, defense units may be placed inside
- Legends of Eisenwald is DRM-free.
- Gameplay on the world map is similar to King's Bounty, while the story is rather towards Heroes of Might and Magic. The fight resembles in many areas Disciples 1 and 2 (not Disciples 3). Also, upgrading of characters is similar to Discples, but with the accessories, and even war horses.
- The development started over two years ago. They have an alpha version, technical aspects of gameplay, battle AI, etc. are 90 percent finished.
- If more money than the estimated 50 000 dollars that are required for the basic version come in, they can to offer more non-linear scenarios, more troops, more special effects in battle, more languages ​​(except English and Russian), more enemy heroes and support for Mac OS and Linux alongside Windows PCs.

Source: Kickstarter

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Apr 27, 2012)

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