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General Terms and Conditions

Terms of use and general disclaimer for

1. Preliminary Note
1.1. All terms and conditions are consistent to German law.
1.2. The following terms apply to the material offered online by Computec Media GmbH and are binding to anyone who is making use of this offer. By using the websites you agree to these terms and conditions.
1.3. The online services of Computec Media GmbH are available to every physical person worldwide.

2. Registration
2.1. For full access to the functional range of the website, a registration is necessary. The User guarantees to give true and correct information while registering. Any alteration to the given information has to be announced to Computec Media GmbH by changing the user profile equivalently.
2.2. After the registration the website is available by using password and username, which can be chosen by the user.
2.3. Using the website in the name of third parties of for third parties – without their approval – is forbidden. Also forbidden is the simultaneous use of different usernames and registrations by a single person.
2.4. With the registration a contract is closed between Computec Media GmbH and the user. The contract duration and all coherent use of offered services and material are infinite; the participation can be canceled by the user at any time.

3. Duties of the user
3.1. The user is committed to use the offer made by Computec Media GmbH according to the terms and conditions.
3.2. The user guarantees not to distribute any illegal material and not to violate any other right of third parties. Content featuring child abuse, topics harmful to minors, racism or extremism are especially forbidden.
3.3. Contributions, organizer mails or statements in the chat, which are not aimed at a private exchange of views, as for example commercial advertisement for one’s own purpose or third parties, chargeable service telephone numbers, junk mails, spam or avalanche mails are forbidden.
3.4. Computec Media GmbH reserves the right, to ban anyone from its offered services, who acts contrary to these terms and conditions or is responsible for any violations, disturbance of the system or the unrelated use of this website.
3.5. If Computec Media GmbH notices, or is made aware of, forbidden behavior, in the legal sense § 5 TDG, of an user, Computec Media GmbH will, within the limits of legal regulations, hand personal data to law enforcement and police authority. Should there be the need for verification in accordance to legal regulations Computec Media GmbH is going to meet the required obligations.
3.6. The user indemnifies Computec Media GmbH from any claims against Computec Media GmbH resulting from violations of these clauses.
3.7. The user agrees, for Computec Media GmbH to handle and use the personal data, given for establishing or altering the contractual relationship, for purposes of guidance, advertisements, market research or the alterations of the offered service. By contacting the user is able to object to this. The use of services offered, especially the community functions, will not be, or with limitations only, available after receipt and treatment of the objection.

4. Liability
4.1. Computec Media GmbH does not guarantee the offered services to be available at all time. Computec Media GmbH is liable for damage, irrespective of legal ground, caused by unavailability of the offered services, but only if carelessness or intent were on hand.
4.2. Computec Media GmbH is only to be held responsible for illegal contributions and messages or content violating the rights of third parties, published on the website, if Computec Media GmbH is aware of the content and if it is technically and economically possible to stop further access to this content. Additionally Computec Media GmbH does not guarantee the correctness of content and data, made available by third parties on the websites of Computec Media GmbH.
4.3. Computec Media GmbH is not responsible for foreign content, for which access to use is made available. But Computec Media GmbH adverts to the fact, that obligations to restrict illegal, in context to telecommunication laws, content are possible and that Computec Media GmbH could make use of them.

5. Privacy Policy
5.1. The user agrees with the storage and further processing, in coherence with the Federal Data Protection Act, the Telecommunications Act and the Teleservices Data Protection Act, of all the data made available as necessary to maintain the contractual relationship.
5.2. Furthermore Computec Media GmbH will treat the personal data as confidential material and in accordance with the user. Any use of personal data exceeding the specified limitations will only be carried out if the user agrees.
5.3. The transmission of personal data (especially age, sex, residential area) will only take place in an amount necessary to maintain the offers made by Computec Media GmbH. Every user can choose how much of one’s own personal data will be passed on to other users.
5.4. The personal data will only be stored as long as necessary to fulfill these terms and conditions of the applicable law.
5.5. The user has been instructed in detail about form, amount, place and intention of census, processing and use of the personal data necessary to maintain the offered services. The user specifically agrees to this use of the data.

6. Final Notes
6.1. The services, material and content offered by Computec Media GmbH are protected by copyright. The user is allowed to download those matters onto his personal, not commercially used, computer and print them. Any further use, as for example copying, distributing or publishing, is not authorized. Offers or content specified for use by third parties, like so called fan-tools, are exempted from this regulation. Until revocation, Computec Media GmbH grants every user the right to use such offers and content on one’s own website, as long as those offers and content delivered by Computec Media GmbH are not alienated, changed, misused or used in an illegal context.
6.2. Computec Media GmbH reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions. The user is committed to check these terms and conditions for changes or amendments on a regular basis. With every single use of the offered services the user agrees to the valid version of these terms and conditions.
6.3. This agreement is subject to German law.
6.4. Nürnberg is set as place of fulfillment for all expected performances.
6.5. Should a single or multiple clauses from this agreement be or become invalid, the validity of this agreement as such is unaffected.

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